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History & Heritage

Opened in 1983 and bearing the name of its eponymous founder, the visionary stylist, Pierre Degand, La Maison Degand has remained at the vanguard of men’s fashion for nigh on three decades now.

Situated in the historic number 415 on Avenue Louise in Brussels, La Maison Degand has served as a bastion of timeless style, sophistication and gentlemanly elegance for nigh on three decades now - frequented by those of discerning taste from Brussels and beyond.

A vision of elegance

Forged on a penchant for tailoring and Pierre Degand’s enduring philosophy in which men’s clothing is a source of intense pleasure and a reflection of personality, La Maison Degand has a commitment to craft - working only with artisans whose philosophy is in line with that of Pierre Degand. 

Such a philosophy was, of course, not without risk.

La Maison Degand has, since inception, eschewed the status quo and offered brands and products previously unknown to the Brussels public.

At a time when commercial shopping centres flourished, La Maison Degand remained true to its values. No concessions were ever made to the demands of the textile sector, which increasingly abandoned quality of craftsmanship in favour of mass production. Similarly, Pierre Degand does not curate collections to appease the rampant consumerism that has come to define modern luxury.

Instead, La Maison Degand continues to swim against the current - true to the tenets of timeless style and traditional craftsmanship, it is an atelier for clothes of only the highest calibre.

Driven by passion for excellence

Tailored suits and shirts, leather shoes, knitwear, silk ties and pocket squares, and fine accessories are produced only in the finest materials and by the finest artisans.

At La Maison Degand, there is no compromise.

In 1994, Michèle - the wife of Pierre Degand - joined La Maison Degand. In 1997, she stood at the dawn of Degand Sport; a special place for a new range of high quality ready-to-wear. A decade later, in 2005, Degand Sport moved to the building next door to La Maison Degand - leaving vacant space in at number 415 Avenue Louise for a boutique dedicated to fine leather shoes, crafted by some of the finest artisans in Italy. 

Some years later in 2018, a collaboration between Bayer & Bayer (arguably the finest barbers in Belgium) and La Maison Degand was launched. A space on the third floor of the house was dedicated to a barbershop in which loyal customers can enjoy a traditional haircut and shave at the hands of highly skilled barbers. A men’s grooming offering featuring products from esteemed brands like Acqua di Parma are also offered here.

A continuous pursuit

In 2019, the Maison de Maître in which La Maison Degand’s flagship store resides underwent renovations. More than 2 Million euros was invested, and some of Europe’s finest craftsmen were employed to restore the building to its original splendour.

Today, Pierre Degand wields the same passion for his métier as he did when he first founded his store in 1983.

La Maison Degand is his life’s work, and it is through this prism that he continues to forge relationships with his customers - both old and new - who come to La Maison Degand for not only its carefully curated tailored offering, but for Pierre Degand’s infectious passion, expertise and sartorial sensibilities.