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Zimmerli underwear

Since 1871, Zimmerli stands for the finest underwear handmade in Switzerland. With a clear mission in mind, Pauline Zimmerli founded her eponymous brand to offer the finest socks.

Zimmerli Underwear Switzerland men

Only three years later, she invented a new kind of knitting machine which allowed her to produce ribbed fabrics for underwear. Today, Zimmerli stays true to the traditional and historical brand values. Guided by the theory that everything we wear on our skin must be the highest standards,

Zimmerli does not compromise when it comes to quality of craftsmanship and sustainable production. Following the hard-won expertise that has been passed down over generations, Zimmerli is where passion becomes profession.

Designer underwear from Swiss by Zimmerli Zimmerli´s quality speaks for itself – your skin can experience the unique quality directly. In times of mass production Zimmerli frees itself of short-termed trends and produces timeless classics.

It´s more than ever a luxury to wear finest fabrics and handmade underwear. Zimmerli embodies refined understatement, combining aesthetic and tactile perfection. Designer underwear with sophisticated details guarantee an exclusive wearing experience which comes through the deepest commitment to creating the highest quality undergarments.

By combining the traditional craftsmanship with meticulously sourced natural fabrics and the brand´s values, Zimmerli underwear stands out with the highest standards, giving your skin everything it desires. Ongoing research as well as famous Swiss precision ensure the unmatched feel and exceptional comfort of Zimmerli underwear.

Luxury underwear: Choose your Zimmerli Switzerland

Worldwide renowned as the finest luxury underwear label, Zimmerli is driven by the pride of workmanship and customer satisfaction. The brand´s dedication to handmade qualities has earned Zimmetli the reputation of the unmatched feel.

Its exclusive knitting and weaving methods are truly inimitable since there are only 4 knitting machines in the world that were built for Zimmerli´s requirements capable of producing the kind of rib-knitting Zimmerli uses for its products.

But also the sourcing for the finest raw materials is as important as the production. Highly attentive to the quality, Zimmerli only uses the ost upscale fabrics: pure raw silk, Merino wool, micro modal, lyocell and long staple Egyptian Mako cotton.

Each product is classified with an independent product label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, which ensures that no risk is posed to human health and the pieces are produced environmentally-friendly. The luxury underwear by Zimmerli requires 18 steps to achieve the best quality possible in haptic, material and optic.

Zimmerli´s handmade quality ensures what no machine can: excellent products with a precision of pure perfection. The discreet, yet sophisticated understated look of Zimmerli underwear is provided by a range of classic colors. Zimmerli collections are t pure and classic, standing for timeless elegance.

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