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When it comes to Moncler, the brand is mostly knwon for its outstanding sportswear for the mountains. René Ramillon and André Vincent founded Moncler in 1952 and named the brand after Monestier-de-Clermont, an alpine town in France. At its beginnings, the brand started with a range of tents, sleeping bags and jackets crafted to protect the workers from the cold. In 2003 Remo Ruffini took over Moncler and managed to position the brand as the luxury alpine lifestyle brand, known for its distinctive look. Moncler´s most known piece is a  lightweight down jacket, which was designed for the French skiing team for the Winter Olympics since 1968.

When you think of Moncler as an alpine fashion brand, you couldn't be more wrong. You will find fashionable pieces by the Italian luxury brand in the mountains as well as in the city. By blending the extreme requirements of nature with the needs of the city life,  Moncler manages to create innovative collections with a contemporary style. Known for its luxury outerwear, especially for its quilted jackets, Moncler is the go-to address for men and women looking for sportswear with exceptional technical performance. Since the beginning, Moncler combines style with technological research while honoring the brand´s philosophy based on quality and heritage. 


When it comes to fashion, the colder months are often disliked because of the body-covering unstylish outfits that keep you warm. Moncler offers a stylish solution with its statement jackets for men and women. The Italian luxury brand offers cold weather styles that will upgrade your winter wardrobe! The Moncler jackets come in effortless silhouettes fusing technology and style. Designed for both city and nature, the Moncler signature pieces became a true status symbol. Moncler products are characterized by highest quality and responsible manufacturing - the Italian brand only uses DIST certified down fitters for its jackets combined with continual technological research. The Moncler jackets in a wide range of colors match perfectly the brand´s finest collections containing Moncler knitwear, basic shirts and chunky boots. The iconic pieces such as parka or bomber jackets are always adorned with the Moncler logo as embroidered or printed lettering and patches. Moncler offers a full range of ready-to-wear collections for men and women including tops and sweaters, classic polo shirts and pants as well as technical jackets with Moncler´s signature sports-luxe aesthetic. Moncler clothing is renowned for its unique mix of contemporary classic-inspired styles with a streetwear-appeal, made for the mountains but suitable for the city. Choose Moncler to protect you from the cold without compromising on style. 


In 2018 the brand launched Moncler Genius collection. The project is about collaboration with vanguard designers, offering monthly drops of individual interpretations of the brand's iconic styles. Moncler down jacket is always the base of each Moncler Genius collection, coming with a new identity re-imagined and re-interpret by other designers. With Moncler Genius, the Italian luxury brand offers a new level of contemporary and experimental vision of it´s identity. 


Loving mountains as much as you love the city and not ready to decide? Then explore the outstanding collections by Moncler including the signature down jackets, that suit mountain- as well as city-lifestyle. Complete your winter wardrobe with Moncler pieces such as Moncler coats, polo shirts, knitwear and iconic down jackets and shop the ultimate winter must-haves on Maison Degand!