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Kiton Shirts?

Founded in 1956 in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone, Kiton is a fifth-generation family-run clothing company that is fully dedicated to Italian tailoring. Since the beginning, the Italian luxury brand focuses on two fundamentals: passion and quality, where passion becomes a vocation and tailoring is an artistic expression, portrayed through the love for beauty and beautiful garments.

Kiton Shirts Italy

Worldwide, Kiton is known for its men´s apparel and accessories, especially recognized as an icon of the traditional Neapolitan tailoring. The company´s philosophy regarding the highest quality is “the best of the best plus one”, following a vision open to the world and focused on a future. For Kiton, quality is your decision – something you can start and stop; so either you do everything the best way possible or it´s not a Kiton way.

The Italian luxury brand was born out of love and passion for excellent clothing blend with the desire to create handmade garments. Combining the Neapolitan tradition of tailoring with unique styles, each Kiton piece is manufactured to perfection.

It´s cosmopolitan spirit is driven by the traditional approach of the Italian fashion house. With an aim to spread elegance and sophisticated style around the word, Kiton follows a mission to be a label of choice for connoisseurs of all generations.

Kiton Clothing: Shirts, Jackets and many more

The company´s name comes from the word “chiton”, a ceremonial tunic of ancient Greeks. So first, Kiton concentrated on the shirt and tie products, which later grew into a wider product rage of ready-to-wear and accessories collections. Handmade by the best artisans of Italy, each Kiton piece embodies effortless yet sophisticated Neapolitan style.

Using high-quality fabrics and raw materials such as vicuna, virgin wool, cashmere and cotton, Kiton clothes have a distinct appeal associated with timeless elegance. With Kiton formalwear becomes smart casual dressing, providing the wearer the unique Kiton experience.

Kiton ready-to-wear clothing lines contain of jackets, shirts and accessories, that perfectly accentuate the wearer´s personality. From wool blazers, cashmere coats to polo shirts and silk ties – dressing in Kiton is a lifestyle. While the customer is central to the brand, Kiton aims to fit his needs.

As a global traveler, it requires a light deconstructed suit that can be pulled out of the suitcase without any fuss. Kiton four-ply cashmere jackets, hoodie shirts and houndstooth jackets complete the smart wardrobe of any modern gentlemen, providing the wearer the unique feel of luxury.

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Wearing a Kiton shirts means standing out – with the highest quality and unique designs Kiton became a globally known address for finest clothing. The passion and excellence used to create a Kiton shirt and the use of exclusive fabrics gives the wearer the feeling of a second skin – not because its tight, but rather because of the highest quality.

The fit and style are unique and require exceptional dedication, so no detail is overlooked - from the flow of the garment to the pattern over to seams and reinforced buttonholes.

Each Kiton shirt takes up to 6 hours to produce and contains of 22 hand-stitched procedures since they are softer than one manufactured by a machine. This way the unique Kiton perfection is achieved. Explore exquisite Kiton shirts in many colors and patters to underline your personality.

Find a Kiton shirt – with solid, striped, geometric or checked prints - that best suits your lifestyle.

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