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Fedeli Cashmere

Fedeli´s story started in 1934, when Luigi Fedeli founded his eponymous business in Monza producing a knitted hat, an essential accessory for the men´s wardrobe of those times, which became the ultimate fashion must-have. After an unexpected visit in a Swiss knitwear company, Fedeli changed the brand´s direction.


With new imported machinery, Fedeli started to craft the special yarn. It was an overnight success – Fedeli was the first brand to produce cable knitwear ever to be made in Italy. Today, Fedeli still manufacturing out of the same factory.

The brand is synonymous with the unique combination of innovation and craftsmanship, which transformed Fedeli into the internationally known luxury fashion stakeholder.

Having its roots in finest tailoring, Fedeli collections are characterized by the outstanding passion for details. Looking for innovation and modernity, the brand´s speciality is to blend the classic and formal wear with contemporary fits and designs. As the first Italian company to manufacture cashmere knitwear, luxury of style and exceptional quality are the key visions of Fedeli.

Synonymous with class, luxury and uniqueness, Fedeli offers the customers the extraordinary experience wearing its finest products. The collections are recognized by elegance, functionality and clean lines and embody the Italian Dolce Vita.

Fine Selection: Fedeli Clothing

Due to it outstanding quality and dedication to craftsmanship, Fedeli pieces became true classics. Designed for the modern gentleman who likes a relaxed yet elegant style and has a passion for hand-made goods, Fedeli directs its attention to detailing.

The collections are made of raw materials like Peruvian vicuna wool, Mongolia and China cashmere as well as excellent cotton from Egypt and West Indian Sea Island cotton which is the oldest and finest cotton types worldwide.

The unique combination of quality, exclusive designs and skilled fabrication enjoy the popularity among modern men who desire comfort and quality as well as style at any occasion and any moment.

Fedeli Cashmere Pullover, Shirts, Fashion for men

Knitwear is undeniably the showpiece of every Fedeli collection. The ultimate star – cable-knit sweater – takes the artisans three working days to craft by hand, putting the decade-long skills and brand´s values into the product.

Fedeli offers its clients “the total look” - besides the knitwear, there are jackets, deconstructed blazers, denim and classic shirts. Classic and sophisticated look is accented with chromatic color range and unmistakable patterns and custom “washed” effect.

Fedeli cashmere pullover, shirts and knitwear are produced in small quantities for the very few who appreciate the quality and heritage, and are looking for an individual look.

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