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John Lobb

John Lobb shoes

Making finest shoes and boots for gentlemen since 1866, John Lobb established itself as a go-to address for timeless quality footwear and style. The British company has been in business over 150 years now and still uphold its highest standards and exceptional levels of craftsmanship.
John Lobbs Shoes

Since the founding, John Lobb has chosen the innovative path. After traveling on foot from Cornish coast to London as well as visiting Australia during the gold rush and creating footwear for the miners, the founder returned to London with an unique knowledge and understanding of footwear.

He was named as the bootmaker to the Prince of Wales right away and opened John Lobb´s first boutique shortly after. The brand´s rich heritage is underlined by the highest quality of craftsmanship and timeless designs, which acknowledge the certain life routes. The John Lobb handmade shoes and boots for men provide the wearer life in movement by celebrating the artisan´s expertise.

Finest bespoke shoes from John Lobb

If you are looking for a lifetime companion, you can never go wrong with a pair of the finest John Lobb shoes. All handmade in Northhampton, England, John Lobb shoes still incorporate the traditional artisanal techniques and silhouettes.

The true value of the British company lies in footwear that lasts a lifetime due to the brand´s exceptional quality standards and timeless designs. Each pair of John Lobb shoes is crafted in a handmade traditional process based on over 190 production steps, taking several weeks to create a finest John Lobb pair of shoes, including the use of technical fabrics and ultra-light soles that provide comfort and durability in movement.

Due to its unique dedication to footwear and highest quality, John Lobb established itself as a premier shoemaker for politicians and aristocracy. Even today, the British company is synonymous with highest quality and first-class design.


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Season after season John Lobb offers versatile ready-to-wear collections and timeless designs from boots to loafers, oxfords, derbys, sandals and sneakers. Known for its exclusively bespoke handmade craftsmanship, John Lobb´s unique footwear is produced to the highest standards using traditional methods passed down over generations. Unique in the world of footwear, a pair of John Lobb´s shoes is worth a splurge.

The brand´s adventurous spirit is reflected in each John Lobb pair of shoes, offering contemporary styles like Alder walking boot and Foundry sneakers as well as distinctive iconic silhouettes such as Lopez loafer and William shoe.

From elegant leather loafers or classic brogues to contemporary sneakers – each pair is a homage to John Lobb´s rich arisan heritage and keen attention to detail. No matter which John Lobb design you choose – a pair of shoes by the British company is the ultimate finishing touch to any smart look.

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The British heritage footwear brand is renowned for its bespoke designs and timeless aesthetic. Making high-quality men's shoes, John Lobb is a must-have for any modern gentleman's wardrobe. Complete your elegant outfit with unique John Lobb shoes and boots – get your own John Lobb loafers, boots or oxfords in Degand online store.