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Edward Green

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As a man with a strong passion for shoes Edward Green started the company in 1890 as a workshop in Northampton. His career began as a twelve-year-old apprentice, who was ambitious to improve the shoe standards.
Edward Green Shoes

Today, Edward Green is world renown for the finest shoes, recognized right away for its unique English look with international appeal. Edward Green contributed to the history of shoe industry. His promise to create excellent footwear without compromise is event today more than a slogan – it´s a company´s lived practice.

Craftsmen and women are still following the same artisanal processes that remained mostly unchanged over the years for each pair of shoes. Nonetheless, the label continues to pursue the ideal of making the best footwear possible by refining and modifying the processes but always ensure the traditional heritage of each pair. Meet Edward Green: footwear that is quintessential to timeless elegance.

Luxury Leather Shoes by Edward Green

Attire isn´t what it was before – over the years it took huge step to not only adjust our needs but also to emphasize our personalities. New rules of dressing bend to refined standards of menswear.

The difference of quality and style is more important than ever, forcing the industry to adjust to new generation of men who appreciate it. Edward Green knows the difference – that is why each pair of shoes is crafted with enormous attention to detail, where the quality of footwear starts with the quality of each element.

For Edward Green shoes only finest French and Italian calf leather is used, which is cut and finishes by hand. The soles are oak bark tanned over nine months to ensure the uncompromising comfort & durability. These time-consuming art of techniques are passed through generations to guarantee the exact same standards.

Derbies, Monks, Loafers: Chose your Edward Greens

That exceptional level of craftsmanship gives the Edward Green shoes it incomparable luxurious fit and ensures exclusivity. With their belief in excellence the artisans constantly re-engineer and improve the footwear to fit the high-standards and make the shoes adaptable to consumers lives.

Nowadays, the reputation of craftsmanship is worth more than ever with customers looking for traditional heritage and integrity. Most Edward Green shoe styles are classic, with an understated look that stood the proof of time, which are now a part of English shoe-making tradition.

There are Edward Green derbies, which are the brand´s signature style since 1920s. Besides the classic colors you can find a wide range of Edward Green derbies with exceptional unique details. The Edward Green loafers are the epitome of lightness and relaxed English style.

First made as a house shoe for Edward, Duke of Windsor, the loafers appear in many different styles and colors today and complete every preppy look.

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If you admire a classic sense of style then Edward Green footwear is the perfect destination for you. With its luxurious feel, each shoe is truly iconic. Online at Maison Degand you will find wide range of Edward Green shoes like Oundle monkstrap and the Dover, as well as a derby with a split-toe.

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