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Fray shirts?

The great story of Fray started in 1962 in the city centre of Bologna. Lucia Pasin founded the brand with a mission to dress men visibly elegant reflecting the convictions of finest sartorial production techniques.

Fray Shirts Italy Men

The Italian luxury brand has half a century´s experience of artisan shirt-making and established itself as the ultimate excellence in luxury shirts. Since the founding, when the artisanal expertise was seen as highest manual skill, the brand hasn´t change its philosophy.

Finest Fray shirts are manufactured according to traditional family craftsmanship und expertise, presenting the products as a work of art crafted with highest attention to detail and same perfection down to the tiniest components. Fray´s deep-rooted ideals enabled the brand to position itself in contemporary high-end segment of luxury fashion market.

Finest Fray shirts made in Italy

Fray shirts stand for themselves – quality fabrics, quality detailing, quality finish. To comply with traditional standards the brand only uses premium fabrics like famous high-quality cotton from Sea Island.

Each shirt is identical even down to the smallest parts, which exemplifies the crafting of detailed precision. Well-tailored Fray shirts are attached to the body using the traditional set-in method and give you the feeling of a second skin.

Every part (sides, sleeves, collars and cuffs) is cut by hand and allows to achieve the highest wearability and comfort which are unreachable with automatic production. The elaborated choice of threads makes the ultimate difference and personalizes the Fray shirt. Finest Fray shirts made in Italy are the ultimate wardrobe staples that will outlive every trend.

Designer shirts for men by Fray Italy

With passion and style in mind, Fray has been showcasing menswear with ultimate elegance and exclusivity. The designer shirts are made for men who are cultured, knowing the quality of high-quality Italian-made products.

The Fray customer loves the sophisticated yet elegant style without compromising on quality and perfect fit. Clothes don´t make the man, it´s the man who makes the clothes. The finest Fray shirts will give you freedom to always look your best and feel comfortable anytime wearing them.

Fray Italy online store

Since the Fray shirts are known as the ultimate luxury piece, wearing them will represent your sophisticated contemporary lifestyle. Online at Maison Degand you can choose your perfect Fray shirt to match your personality. Explore a wide range of masterfully crafted finest Fray shirts on Maison Degand and upgrade your wardrobe with some luxury!