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Degand Brussels Philosophy

Though style is distinctive, it is loosely defined. That is because style is personal and can be defined differently by different people.

It can be discreet, or it can be daring.

It can be corporate, or it can be casual.

It can be soft, or it can be structured.

Take a seat and discover our sense of style

Style can be the comfort of a cashmere cardigan, or it can be the sharp silhouette of a tailored suit. It can be the louche, lightweight luxury of a linen shirt, or it can be an indulgent double breasted overcoat.

It can be contemporary suede sneakers with a rubber sole, or it can be classic leather shoes that are crafted by hand.

It can be as refined as a lustrous silk tie, or as relaxed as a perfectly proportioned crew neck knit.

There is, however, one constant of style; that it is effortless, elegant and sophisticated.

And, this is the philosophy of Pierre Degand and his eponymous Maison…