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Pierre Degand's look of the month — March 2022 — Celebrate the Spring

March calls upon us the beginning of a new season, bringing with it the softness and warmth that characterizes it. This time of year is inspired by the creativity, optimism and energy that symbolizes la maison Degand.

To represent such pretty painting, Degand suggests you a styling masterpiece, "gentleman" trousers of the PT01 cover.

These trousers with a sartorial cut along with its tweed jacket from Sartorio can be worn for business meetings or in a more relaxed version with its fitting Barba suede blouse.

With the cool days still ahead of us, we invite you to combine it with a cashmere scarf in vibrant but soothing colors.

Celebrate the Spring!
Do not hesitate to visit our temple of masculine elegance.

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