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BOBBIES Shoes from Paris

Founded in 2010 in Paris by two childhood friends Antoine Bolze and Alexis Maugey, Bobbies is the epitome of Parisian inspiration and passionate adventure. Known for exceptional shoes and leather goods, Bobbies offers contemporary footwear specialized in elevated moccasins and sneakers for men.

Bobbies Shoes men

The French house achieved a good reputation by modernizing the iconic moccasin and making it available to everyone as well as reinventing the basics such as sneakers and boots.

Designed in France and handmade in Portugal, each pair of Bobbies is a result of careful work and highly skilled craftsmanship. With a passion for designing exceptional footwear, Bobbies creates unique models that are timeless yet fashionable, iconic and easy to wear.

Each season, the Parisian brand manages to immortalize the collections that guarantee quality and authenticity. Respecting the traditions and skilled craftsmanship, Bobbies shoes inspire the men around the world with the Parisian charm.


Inspired by the traveling around the world, Bobbies shoes are synonymous with longing for adventures. In its own design studio, the skilled craftsmen and women create signature Bobbies sneakers and moccasins made out of highest quality in a range of intense colors that reflect the designer´s unique memories.

All the styles are made in Portugal in São João da Madeira, a region that is known worldwide for its know-how in leather manufacturing. The creation process of Bobbies shoes is passionate precise work that is based on traditional knowledge.

The brand´s philosophy is defined by key words such as authenticity and sense of detail. Using the finest leathers from raw and noble skins coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, that are carefully selected from LWG-certified European tanneries, Bobbies ensures a responsible and energy-efficient production.

Each tannery is specialized in a type of leather and stands for quality, strength, suppleness of its product. The brand´s concern for people and the environment is reflected in its responsible approach according the manufacturing and ecological approach as well as usage of sustainable materials.

Bobbies shoes impress with clean lines and shapely curves as well as keen details that make a difference. Designed for a daily use and freedom in mind, Bobbies range from brand´s signature moccasin to casual sneakers. The leathers come in velvety, cracked, grainy or faded optics featuring intense colors and graphic prints for a modern look.


Bobbies is a passionate family, growing together already for over 10 years. Offering footwear and accessories that are timeless and ethical, the brand positioned itself as a go-to address for contemporary sustainable designs. Inspired by Parisian charm blend with impressions from expeditions around the world, Bobbies shoes are fashionable high-end products that are comfortable, refined and undeniably cool.

Explore the exclusive range of Bobbies shoes that respect the know-how and traditions of manufacturing while remaining timeless and elegant. Shop Bobbies now online on Maison Degand!