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Boglioli Jackets

Started in the early 1900s as a tailoring business which has produced clothes for third companies, Boglioli as we know now was founded in 1974 in Gambara, Italy. Built on four generations of competence, the family-owned brand revolutionized the meaning of tailoring by creating a new idea of formality, opposite to the traditional one. Today, Boglioli stands for dressed down tailoring, which helped to define the modern Italian style.

Boglioli Jackets

Boglioli has a decade-long tailoring expertise that has been passed over generations. Despite staying true to the traditional production techniques, the brand also prides itself for researching and adopting innovation.

Boglioli´s craftsmanship know-how as well as its dedication to the quality of material and manufacture above everything else blends perfectly with innovative new techniques like garment dying.

The brand´s rare ability to masterfully combine tradition and innovation builds the basis of the company´s success.

Jackets & Clothes from Italian Luxury Brand Boglioli

The Italian luxury brand achieved its worldwide recognition with its famous K-Jacket – a deconstructed jacked with a washed-out vintage vibe reached through the garment-dying technique, offered in many different materials. The piece established itself as the brand´s signature piece and became synonymous to the Italian tailoring.

Boglioli accomplished to blend fit, fabric and craftsmanship, producing high-quality jackets characterised by its easy-going fit without losing its sartorial impact. The Boglioli jackets are made to fit the body flawlessly, making it comfortable yet elegant.

Their deconstructed, unlined, super-soft and tailed look is signature to the Italian luxury brand – and the subtle pleating on the shoulders of the jackets which is also known as a Neapolitan shoulder. became a trademark of Boglioli.

Why you need a Boglioli jacket?

The New York Times once described the Boglioli collection as „Luxury Vintage“ - menswear, which refines masculine aesthetic with elegant designs and traditional methods. Boglioli stands for exceptional Italian tailoring and embodies everything classy and elegant but in a modern way.

The Boglioli jackets are made for a man who is understated and relaxed yet elegant. He is aware of fashion but doesn´t follow any trends. He cares about good quality and let his personal style guide his wardrobe selection. The Boglioli man is sophisticated with a bit of relaxed elegance, looking for unconventional personal look.

A Boglioli jacket will upgrade your wardrobe with a contemporary yet refined and sophisticated feels. A Boglioli jacket is synonymous to male elegance and excellent high-quality products. The collections are characterized by clean silhouettes and a muted shades palette.

A Boglioli jacket is a must-have staple in every modern man´s wardrobe who loves a contemporary style and values comfort.

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Boglioli jackets and clothing are made for sophisticated modern gentlemen. Be true to your style – explore the Boglioli collection now online at Maison Degand.