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Brioni Shirts

Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni is world known Italian menswear couture house, named after the formerly Italian Brionian Islands, which were a top vacation destination of jet-setters in the 20th century.

Since the beginning the founders Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini followed a visionary paths and established Brioni as prestigious luxury brand and the first go-to address for the modern elite.

Brioni Shirts

The label´s innovative approach and daring visions helped define the new era of menswear. In 1952, Brioni hosted the first ever men´s fashion show, getting the label the reputation of an industry leader.

Throughout the history, the Italian luxury house invented many  visionary concepts such as ready-to-wear Haute Couture  or trunk shows, where the collections were presented directly in stores, allowing the customers to purchase and personalize the products directly with the Su Misura service.

Brioni´s legacy continues through the label´s contemporary approach on the traditional English style.

Finest Brioni Shirts made in Italy

Known for its bespoke suits, sartorial ready-to-wear Haute Couture and exceptional shirts, Brioni is synonymous for a high-class man´s fashion made for a modern gentleman. Recognized for its sharp tailoring, the Italian luxury house introduced new silhouettes, innovative materials and bold colors to the conventional men´s fashion.

Brioni´s highest level of sartorial excellence set a new ideal of elegance and made a shirt the ultimate wardrobe essential. Made of finest cotton, Brioni´s shirts provide an exceptional feel with figure-accentuating and waist-hugging cut, which became the label´s trademark. Today, Brioni´s tailors are the most bespoke for their skills and craftsmanship worldwide.

The garments are entirely custom made and the collections are mostly crafted by hand, but it´s the unseen details that make Brioni the sartorial destination for the elite clients. Admired and respected for unequalled quality and level of craftsmanship for decades, Brioni is a choice of prestigious and powerful men who want a sophisticated appearance on any occasion

Why Brioni?

Designed for charismatic men, Brioni attracts many business leaders, Hollywood icons and other powerful men worldwide. Revolutionary from the beginning, Brioni dominated the fashion industry.

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With its forward-thinking philosophy, the Italian luxury house established the new ideal of contemporary elegance and became synonymous with status and certain lifestyle. The brand´s ability to include new perspectives into classic designs is pushing the boundaries of men´s fashion.

Brioni clothing is known especially for dapper dress shirts in different prints like checks as well as micro-checks or paisleys making the pieces ideal for whether a formal occasion or casual workday.

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Brioni brings innovative silhouettes into the modern men´s wardrobe, channeling the elegant yet contemporary vibe. Online at Maison Degand you will find a curated selection of Brioni shirts with label´s exceptional aesthetic. Find the perfect shirt made of finest materials to upgrade your wardrobe!