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Caruso Blazer made in italy?

Do it the Italian way – what does this mean?

Since the founding in 1958, Caruso is following this idea over 60 years now. Started as a small business producing made-to-measure men´s suits for wealthy clients, the brand is now known for its finest Italian old-school tailoring culture. But let´s return to the question at the beginning – what does Italian way really mean?


Caruso embodies the Italian dedication to spirit and craftsmanship. Italians enjoy beauty in everything, if it´s made well. It doesn´t matter if it is a dish or a piece of clothes – as long as it is crafted exquisitely, there is no difference.

At the same time there must be playfulness – breaking schemes by being nonchalant. It is how it all comes together – loving masterfully crafted things only matters when they are not taken too seriously.

It is how Caruso calls it - “ the knowledgeable art of not caring”, is a ground value of the Italian luxury house – which allows to use things freely in the way they are meant to be used. As a result, Caruso collections enable arrays of possibilities for the men who wear them.

Luxury Caruso Blazer for men

From the beginning, Caruso fuses craftsmanship with an air of effortless elegance. The label creates high-end pieces which still have the same exceptional features as when Caruso was founded.

Known worldwide as an artisanal factory, Caruso stays true to sartorial traditions over decades now. Timeless yet innovative, the label established itself as the go-to destination for the perfect in every way blazers, jackets and suits.

The Italian luxury house brought to perfection the combination of masterful construction and modern aesthetic in a blazer, creating a smart, stylish look. Marrying technology, artistry and tradition, the label offers a range of luxurious yet effortless blazers that embody the Italian spirit.

Exquisite selection of high-end fabrics like wool and cashmere blend with refined colors and special finishes. Synonymous with sartorial vibe merged with urban dynamics, the label creates high-end clothes for the powerful men around the world.

Meet the perfect fit: Caruso Blazer

The use of exceptional materials with unique finishes and high-quality materials blend with years-long experience in craftsmanship lead to characteristic collection every season, whilst complying with ethical principles of sustainability, based on the unparalleled quality of Italian production.

The label only selects and collects fabrics, yarns and patterns in Soragna, where all the clothes are made. It exceptional tailoring is based on the high standard crafting process and tremendous amount of innovation. Caruso blazer is an epitome of playful Italian elegance paired with easygoing spirit. The playful use of fabrics, details, colors and extraordinary finishes allows that outstanding piece to fit every wardrobe.

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Take a look at the curated selection of finest Caruso blazers with a masculine character and refined look. Experience the exceptional tailoring, traditional crafting and contemporary aesthetic for men that use clothes to underline their personality. Online at Maison Degand you will find the Caruso blazer for sophisticated gentlemen - give your wardrobe that Italian upgrade!