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Causse Gloves for Men

Founded in 1892, Causse is home for the art of glove-crafting. The company stands for its high-quality leather manufacture, producing exceptional quality gloves over 120 years now. The unique process of glove-making has been passed on generations in Millau since the beginning. Today, Olivier Causse leads the company, following the secrets of manufacturing handed down from father to son.

causse gloves

The French manufacturer´s dedication to exceptional quality gloves is demonstrated in its great ability to blend inventiveness and tradition. Some of the tools, which were used at the founding, are still used today in the center of Millau. Each year, Causse produces 25,000 pairs of gloves, one pair can take over a week to make by 40 artisans. 

Luxury Gloves by Causse

You´ve stock up on your winter accessories already? To top it all off, every fashionable man´s wardrobe needs a pair of luxury gloves by Causse. Here are some reasons why. The French manufacturer uses the noblest and finest skins, which ensure the exceptional quality, to craft its gloves.

For you, it is only a pair of gloves, but this pair had a long way to get to you. For the artisans, the crafting process requires hundred operations to transform a leather piece into a glove. It starts with parceling up, stretching, cutting, webbing out and so on. You can tell for sure, that every craftsman and woman is a crafting expert.

But not only the company passes the unrevealed knowledge of manufacturing generation to generation, Causse has held the secrets of materials they use to make the glove like a second skin for centuries. Today, the company is highly regarded for its high-quality lambskin, peccary, deer or python leather.

With time of technological development, Causse has invented new tools to craft the gloves. Still, each pair is mostly crafted by hand. 

Causse Gloves: your perfect match for cold days

When you think of gloves only as an useful accessory, you´re wrong. Gloves are the gamechanger of the whole outfit. Causse gloves crafted with special details like studded eyelets, rich leather embroideries or metallic varnish will catch your eye for sure and give every look that ultimate upgrade!

But don´t you worry – Causse gloves come in bold masculine styles. But it´s the label´s trademark, that makes the gloves so special – it´s so called “fourchette” which is between the fingers. It is cut from one leather piece and the seams are created on a concertina effect, that gives the gloves its unique shape.

But not only Causse gloves are beautiful on the outside, they are also special on the inside – the lining is always made of natural fabrics like silk, cashmere or sheepskin and will keep your hands warm even on the coldest days.

Buy finest gloves for men by Causse

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Whether you decide on a classic style or go with more experimental design – Causse gloves will change the aesthetics of your whole outfit. Take a look at the gloves by Causse at Maison Degand – don´t settle for anything less!