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Elie Bleu

Elie Bleu Humidor

Having its roots in old traditional French craftsmanship, Elie Bleu is specialized in crafting decorative wooden objects. Especially known for its exquisite humidors, the label is the first choice for cigar lovers all around the world.

Elie Bleu Humidor

The French humidor maker was founded in 1976 and is the ultimate standard bearer for luxury cigar accessories since. Elie Bleu is synonymous with quality and finest craftsmanship, excelling the skills of manufacturing the cigar boxes since the company´s founding.

Exquisite humidors by Elie Bleu take up to six month to be crafted, which is why the factory is acknowledged worldwide and Elie Bleu humidors can be found in the most prestigious homes. Unique designs and colors blended with finest craftsmanship offer the customer a lifetime enjoyment.

Luxury Humidors from France by Elie Bleu Paris

Eli Bleu knows perfection – by working with the best artisans and using the noblest materials the French manufacturer creates the products of excellence. The heart of Elie Bleu humidors is the high-quality wood.

Traditionally, marquetry is known as working “element by element”. It requires the use of different woods which are cut into fine forms, assembled by hand and glued together, like a puzzle.

This technique creates the unique multitude of patterns. By contentiously innovating, planing, adjusting, polishing – those are just a few steps to produce an Elie Bleu humidor – the artisans give the pieces the typical traditional Elie Bleu spirit. Followed up by the excellent hand-painted artwork with illustrations of towns, famous cigar brand logos from Cuba and many others, Elie Bleu humidors shine in their contemporary designs.

The exceptional dedication to traditional craftsmanship and passion for details make Elie Bleu humidors the ultimate heirloom investment.

The perfect home for tobacco!

Whether it is the iconic collection or the limited edition – Elie Bleu humidor is the ideal storage place for your most precious objects. Individually handmade in France following strictest standards, every humidor contains various rare woods.

The company uses finest types such as Royal or Macassar Ebony, Cocobolo, Walnut or Ambony Burr, Indian or Rio Rosewood and many others. The exterior of Elie Bleu humidor is open air cured for a minimum of ten years to avoid the cracking. Further, the inlays are all placed by hand what makes an Elie Bleu humidor the perfect home for your finest tobacco.

Buy luxury humidors

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