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Eton Shirts

Eton is more than just a company, it’s a success story. Founded in the small village of Gånghester, Sweden, in 1928, Eton is a global brand known as outstanding shirt manufacturer. Eton isn´t here just to make shirts.

Eton Shirts

The label is dedicated to produce shirts that fit their customers in every life situation. As a leading global man´s shirt brand, Eton offers a wide range of luxury menswear for every occasion – Eton shirts are perfect as office wear, for an interview, at a party and also for casual dressing. They fit your life and your ambitions – not the other way around.

Inspired by the famous English college of Eton, which is known for its class and style, the label stands for highest quality and craftsmanship.

That ethos turned Eton into one of the finest shirt makers worldwide and internationally known design house. Remaining loyal to its heritage, Eton is always innovating though. Being progressive enabled the brand to reinvent the shirt as a piece to stand out, not to fit in.

With its fine detailing, exceptional craftsmanship and creative designs Eton shirts are made for modern men who are looking for a sophisticated yet fashionable look. They are the ultimate wardrobe essentials for everyone looking for a refined elegance in their looks. It´s more than just a shirt – it´s an Eton.

Finest Eton Shirts

As one of the founders Annie Davidsson once said: "we never hand over a shirt unless we are completely satisfied with it". Following this professional ethics and honoring the founder´s legacy over almost hundred years now, the label is synonymic with heritage of men´s finest dressing.

Each shirt is crafted from 45 different parts and sewn with 12 000 stitches. Eton shirts are perfect to wear them carefree all day long – without compromising on the look or comfort. As the first brand having developed the non-iron fabric in the early 90´s, Eton is to go-to address for every modern gentleman and business man around the world. Perfect for traveling, the material remains unruffled even after a long flight.

Eton shirts are made for your life, to fit for every occasion. Stand out with the luxurious and contemporary designs by Eton!

Good fit & style: luxury shirts by Eton

Once you tried on an Eton shirt, you will never want to wear anything else. Eton shirts are made to be remembered.

The brand´s spirit to make quality-shirts-for-all is underlined in its elaborated range of four fits for every body type – considering key points like shoulders or the back. From classic loose 80s-silhouette to the contemporary, the slim fit and super slim – there is the perfect Eton shirt for everyone without a doubt. But all the perfect fits would be nothing without the highest quality fabrics the shirts are made off – like an extra long staple cotton from Egypt or California, woven by mills. The brand´s unique finishes and washing create stylish worn-in looks and give the shirt extra softness.

The extensive Eton shirts collection offers numerous shades, unique prints, geometric patterns every season to satisfy the client´s taste. Find shirts in beautiful bold colors, floral patterns, fashionable shades and daring color and print mix to inspire the contemporary man to be the best version of himself.

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If you are looking for the perfect shirt you will fit stylish and comfortable wearing for any occasion, then there is no way around an Eton shirt. Whether it is a casual gathering, a business appointment or evening appearance – Eton shirt will always be the wise choice. Shop your next Eton shirt online at Maison Degand.