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Maffeis Gloves Italy

The company, founded in 1958 in Bergamo, brings a legacy of generations of knowledge in craftsmanship. Due to its heritage Maffeis is able to craft products of highest quality, known for exceptional gloves worldwide. Maffeis continues to evolve by developing the materials and crafting processes to satisfy the demanding customers needs. By combining the meticulous eye for detail, innovation and handmade finishes, Maffeis established itself as a luxurious go-to address for exceptional accessories. The Italian company with nearly obsessive attention to detail strives for the best quality possible by using premium fabrics and making perfectly fitting patterns with hand-finishing achieving sartorial perfection. Maffeis gloves are the ultimate accessories ti inject a subtle bit of elegance into your attire.

High quality designer gloves by Maffeis

Here is a primary thing to know about Italian style: quality matters. Staying warm when temperatures drop is essential, that´s why gloves are necessary components for winter dressing. Continuous research for high-quality materials as well as the development of perfect fit are the trademarks of Maffeis and ensure the exceptional quality of their products. But while gloves will keep your hands and fingers warm, they can also be strikingly fashionable and underline your discerning sense of style. High-quality designer gloves by Maffeis range form classic to casual styles which appear in unique designs with faithful adherence to traditional craftsmanship blend with contemporary influences.

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No man´s elegant wardrobe is complete without a pair of Maffeis gloves. The luxurious winter essentials by the Italian company are far more than a fashion statement. Adding an extra dose of style, Maffeis gloves complete every fashionable outfit. Every collection contains of different styles and models, fitting any occasion and wearer´s personality. Maffeis is especially known for its iconic driving glove which looks excellent with formal suit or casual attire by combining presentability and nimbleness. Image yourself going on a trip for work or on a casual weekend stroll with a timeless, clasically-cool quality driver glove by Maffeis. The modern incarnation of the classical piece is crafted with special details like hand-finished eyelets and leather stitching Maffeis is known for.

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Keep your hands warm and stylish with luxury gloves for men by Maffeis. Explore the collection of high-quality gloves and upgrade your look with exceptional elegant yet contemporary aesthetics. Find a curated range of Maffeis gloves online in our store and enjoy the luxurious feel on your skin.