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Marol Shirts Italy

Founded in 1959 in Bologna, Italy, Marol is a luxury brand globally known fot its high-quality shirts. The brand´s name is an amalgamation of founders´ and their daughter´s names – MA-nuela, RO-sanna and LU-ciano.

Marol Shirts Italy

Today Marol is run by Manuela Vignudelli, who took over the company from her parents, staying true to the brand´s convictions strengths, function and beauty. Known in the industry for a while as one of the finest shirtmakers, Marol gained its reputation through its expertise and use of exceptional garments.

Made to become your longterm companion, Marol shirts are crafted to a very high-level sticking to the North Italian tradition. More than a half a century of shirt making experience is still the key behind the company´s success. Crafting shirts for Marol isn´t career – it´s an obsession. The aim behind the brand´s philosophy is not to impress the customer, but to satisfy itself as a shirtmaker.

Designer Shirts from Marol

For people at Marol shirts are more than just a piece of clothing. For this reason every Marol shirt is crafted with exceptional passion and dedication, so Marol remains one of the few brands that still hand-finish every single piece.

Characterized by great quality and a modern sophisticated look, Marol shirts captivate with their timeless identity. Crafted of high-quality in small-scale atelier, every Marol shirt is distinguished by 13 stitches in every centimeter of the sea, every sleeve is hand-attached and buttonholes are hand-sewn.

The fit of Marol shirt is typically generous in the chest and sleeve, creating an athletic silhouette. Marol uses only highest-quality garments like silks from Como, cotton and linen from Egypt and the Caribbean Islands as well as mother-of-pearl buttons from Australia for the designer shirts, providing the wearer the feeling of the second skin. Coming in strong patterns, Marol shirts are crafted to stand out.

Why Marol?

Since the shirtmaking requires more precision than a jacket or trousers, hand cutting insures the highest level of quality of each Marol shirt. Since the founding in 1959, the company´s aim was to maintain its traditional heritage but to prepare for the future at the same time.

Marol manages to craft shirts that elevate the handmade product with attention to contemporary trends and the needs of sophisticated yet demanding market. Unlike a jacket, a shirt is made to live a worn life: it gets worn, washed, hung, worn again.

Marol crafts shirts for real life, that hold up to washes and can be worn with ease, keeping it elegant aesthetics over years. Marol shirts offer is divided in four collections: Eleganza stands for dress shirts, Volo for off-duty, Sogno for flair and Opera for evening dressing. So there is no chance it won´t match your wardrobe and your personality.

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Once you try a Marol shirt, it becomes a part of you. It elevates your appearance and strengthens you. Crafted for exclusive clientele across the globe, Marol shirts are desired by powerful men who perform, lead and inspire.

Not as an influencer, but as a person with influence. Marol customers are decision makers. Elevate your wardrobe with a Marol shirt – find the perfect essential for your sophisticated outfits online in our Degand-Store!