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Palatino socks?

You wear them every day and if they are good, you forget about them. But if they are bad, you can´t stop thinking about them. Socks are the most undervalued part of the man´s wardrobe.

And there are so many ways to go wrong: when socks are not tight enough and slip off, when they are too tight, so you don´t feel comfortable or at least when socks look like entirely different after washing them.

Experiencing the difference between a good pair of socks and the great one can change your feels about that little accessory part of your wardrobe. In 1949, Calzificio Palatino founded the namesake company in Rome and since then, Palatino has garnered international reputation for its exclusive hosiery.

Palatino is a family business, run in a third generation by Colasanti family. Continuing to manufacture their socks in Rome, the company carries the same values such as passion, dedication, and skilled craftsmanship.

High quality designer socks by Palatino

Palatino is especially known for its pain-striking attention to detail, where carefully selected natural fabrics as cashmere, pure silk, merino wool and Egyptian cotton are used for each pair of Palatino socks.

Making the best hosiery over 60 years now, Palatino´s success is based on excellent quality and precise sizing with half figures. Each sock is knitted on 240 and 260-needle machine to ensure the ultimate comfort – a high-quality sock should be as thin as possible and fit like a glove. Palatino socks are super-fine and allow superior breathability.

Due to the consistently high quality of men´s hosiery products, Palatino established itself as one of the world´s last artisan hosiery producers and the first go-to address for finest socks.

Luxury Socks for Men: why socks from Palatino

You may have noticed that socks aren´t what they used to be. After long time being used just to cover the feet, socks are an important part of contemporary men´s wardrobe now.

Today, socks are a fashion statement. Palatino offers not only high-quality incredibly thin socks that practically disappear on your feet, but they also come in statement-making styles for those who like to show off. Palatino socks are crafted to the highest uncompromising standards with maximum breathability and without disrupting the fit of a fine pair of shoes.

Palatino operates with all-Italian sense of enthusiasm and passion as well as uncompromising care of the craftsmen who produce their socks.

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Often overlooked, but definitely highly important for those who appreciate nice shoes and excellent quality, Palatino socks complete any outfit with their undeniable Italian vibe.

If you are looking for the perfect companion to match your finest pair of shoes, Palatino socks are the ideal choice. Select out of wide range of luxurious Palatino socks in any color online in our store!