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Neapolitans have a certain reputation – they are worldwide known for their attention to detail. And Pescarolo is no exception. Founded in 1999 by Marco Pescarolo and his wife, Anna De Matteis, the menswear label is worldwide respected for its exceptional Italian quality and tailoring.

Marco Pescarolo Pants

The educational background of the founders builds the foundation of the brand and the combination of their experience draws its profile: Pescarolo grew up in the typography and paper sector, while De Matteis comes from a long line of fabric makers.

That mix of experience and expertise of both founders enables to translate the sartorial expression into the fashion company, establishing Pescarolo as one of the go-to addresses for finest clothing.

Designer pants for men by Marco Pescarolo

Neapolitan trouser maker Pescarolo brings together the famous tailoring heritage of Naples with contemporary idea of gentlemen style. Reinterpreting the Italian tradition, Pescarolo is still characterized by representation of bespoke tailoring.

The Italian company is synonymous with combined synthesis of contemporaneity and sartorial excellence. Focusing on small separates such as pants and trousers, Pescarolo is driven by attention for meticulous detail and careful research of quality fabrics.

Each Pescarolo pants collection is cared down for the smallest details with a careful selection of accessories: from buttons made of natural horn or corozo material, to hand-embroidered labels. By blending the traditional heritage of Neapolitan tailoring techniques with modern fits and fabrics, Pescarolo offers finest designer pants for men.

Luxury pants from Pescarolo

Creativity, taste and artful craftsmanship with unsurpassed techniques are Pescarolo values that have been developed and passed through for over the century. Based on a synthesis of exceptional details and finest selection of natural fabrics - from fine Italian yarns to Irish linen – luxury pants from Pescarolo provide elegance that fits every occasion.

Pescarolo pants are completely Italian made – all the materials, the accessories and the production are Italian manufactured. The brand reinterprets the Italian tradition and expresses a new vision of fashion, made for men who appreciate the highest quality and want to keep the character of elegance alive.

Luxurious Pescarolo trousers are the first choice of businessmen and everyone who wishes to bring some polish to their wardrobes. The Pescarolo pants provide an elegant touch to contemporary outfits. Explore the Italian touch, especially captured through the brand´s signature embroidered motif in the shape of the Pulcinella´s mask, a character of the 17th century and loved by the people of Naples.

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Once you wear Pescarolo pants, you will understand why the Italian trouser maker is loved by men worldwide. Explore a wide range of perfectly selected Pescarolo pants for men online in our store and give your wardrobe the ultimate elegant upgrade.

Experience the finest Italian tailoring with Pescarolo pants for men – you will want to add them to your closet.