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Poujade gloves: made in France

Created in 1949 in Millau, Aveyron by master glover André Poujade, Maison Poujade is a family run business known for highest quality gloves. Since the beginning, the family history of the company continues and intends to remain so.

Poujade Gloves

Poujade offers a wide range of different gloves styles made of exceptional leathers, appearing as a discreet luxurious accessory between classic elegance and contemporary creativity. For Poujade, family business means craftsmanship.

The French Maison highly values quality and artisanal production, using only skins from France and Spain for their luxury pieces. Poujade quality gloves are made of lamb, peccary or goat leathers and processed by a cutter one by one to preserve the quality and ensure highest flexibility.

This way, the leather deploys its potential for suppleness and durability. While crafting gloves for over 60 years, Poujade stays true to the company´s principles regarding standards and quality. Following the rigorous requirements from cut to finish, Poujade appreciates the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity in its collections.

Luxury designer gloves by Poujade

Run by Anne-Laure, the founder´s grand-daughter, the French company draws inspiration from family tradition as well as personal discoveries. Driven by creativity and constant search for novelty, Poujade offers luxury gloves with dozens of colors per model as well as a wide range of styles.

You can be sure to find something for any taste – whether classic or fancy, mittens or gloves, Poujade products fit all occasions, all styles and all personalities.

Why so special?

Gloves are maybe one of the most overlooked accessories but they can give your look an element of sophistication. Poujade gloves are made for men who appreciate a good quality and underline their personality with their clothing.

There are a few things for a man can wear to show his identity, but with a glove gives a message of power and refinement. While for the most, gloves are just hand warmer, for men with sophisticated style gloves are an investment piece.

Poujade gloves are the perfect choice to go with if you want quality leather pieces with the perfect comfortable fit and modern design. There are plenty of choices to make among Poujade gloves – if you´re struggling with the color, then classic black or grey gloves are the right choice for you – timelessly understated and versatile.

But don´t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and enhance your look with rich colors such as red, orange or blue.

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