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RIVIERAS Espadrilles

When it comes to summer style, light and airy footwear is is right up there with other essentials like straw hats or breezy linen shirts. Created in 2009 by Fabrizio Corveddu and Dan Amzallag, Rivieras is a brand that you will not want to miss on the hottest summer days.

Rivieras Espadrilles

Classic espadrilles with ultra-low profile slip-on silhouette and signature heeled sole is the flagship product of Rivieras. Immortalized among Spanish and Italian Rivieras in the 1950s, the timeless design is re-invented with lightweight, breathable canvas uppers and sheepskin soles making them versatile matching the contemporary trends. Rivieras shoes distinguish themselves by their simplicity – classic and relaxed loafer with incomparable look.


Since the first pair of Rivieras entered the fashion world, it established itself as an essential classic for any fashionable footwear collection. Today, Rivieras are the epitome of luxury, calm and pleasure feeling.

The French brand transformed the simplistic canvas shoe into a colorful modern must-have that can be worn versatily from the beach to city center. Rivieras signature model pays homage to the classic from 1950s with a contemporary twist made of highest-quality materials like canvas and cotton-mesh with leather-lined soles. Perfect for leisurely activities, Rivieras are comfortable and wearable, deserving a place in every men´s wardrobe.

Designed to meet the demands of current time, Rivieras are the type of elegant footwear you will want to wear all the time. The use of exceptional materials ensures a long service life while the fashionable designs are timeless. Rivieras come with comfortable super-soft lining and a flexible outsole for maximum comfort and pleasant sockless feeling when wearing them all day long.

Crafted in Spain, Rivieras designs are minimalistic providing the distinct Mediterranean feel. While the classic collection comes in three variations called 10°, 20° and 30°, where each degree stands for ventilation according the season, Rivieras also introduces new colors, fabrics and materials.

The color palette ranges from classic shades like black and white to elegant creamy tones and summerly blues. Ideal for strolling at the beach, wearing on deck and simply adding a touch of 50s to your off-duty look, Rivieras are the perfect holiday shoes.


Recognized as a timeless classic, Rivieras always stays true to its signature philosophy “Refined, relaxed and highly desirable”. The shoes distinguished themselves in the demanding fashion world by their simplicity that perfectly goes along with any style.

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