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Simonnot Godard

Simonnot Godard Paris: Pocket Squares, Belts & Accessoires

Simonnot Godard is a family run business founded in 1787. The company represents the last French weaver of luxury accessories such as men´s handkerchiefs and pockets squares. Perfecting the men´s accessories over seven generations now, Simonnot Godard pieces stand for timelessness and elegance blend with legendary legacy.

simonnot godard pocket square

The company´s philosophy and strategy is based on it´s long history, unique and exceptional quality and selective distributors. The renowned Parisian house crafts the most luxurious and finest handkerchiefs with hand-woven cotton fabrics and expertly hand-rolled edges using traditional artisanal techniques and fabrics that are woven by hand in France.

The label´s signature is its complicated woven designs with satin patterns woven in different lines along edges. Simonnot Godard accessories are exquisitely crafted from start to finish and hand stitched with painstaking attention to detail.

Designer Accessoires for men by Simonnot Godard

Accessories are the essential part of the modern men´s outfit since they give the final touch of distinction to any look. Designer accessories for men by Simonnot Godard are the ideal choice for men who appreciate exceptional quality without compromising on timeless design.

As the oldest French manufacturer of woven pockets squares and handkerchiefs, Simonnot Godard sets the bar for quality. The French house mainly produces its collections using finest yearns of linen and cotton.

The belts are made of to-quality leather or suede appearing in classic design that can adapt to any style. Simonnot Godard proudly continues to use traditional manufacturing techniques where the entire production process takes up to 5 months to create the uniquely soft and fine accessories. The Egyptian double-ply cotton is mainly used for Simonnot Godard pockets squares and handkerchieves.

The distinctive hems of Simonnot Godard accessories are crafted by almost-lost hand hem-rolling technique to give the product the signature shape and to preserve the company´s “savoir-faire” its known for.

Belts, Pocket squares & more from Godard

The definition of timeless design implies the idea of something created long time ago but still relevant today. Simonnot Godard designs use it to its advantage since their products draw inspiration form the company´s history and heritage.

Belts, Pocket squares and handkerchiefs by Simonnot Godard are uniquely and authentically artisan, respecting the know-how and long-standing tradition of the company. Today´s designs are more contemporary, underlining the modern men´s style evolution.

In each collection, belts, pocket squares and handkerchiefs by Simonnot Godard are inspired by the in-depth research on the house´s archives and come in designs that are part of the brand´s history, reinterpret with a contemporary approach. Feel the unique experience of Simonnot Godard accessories and upgrade your look with a perfect piece by the French house.

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Simonnot Godard offers a highest-range products crafted using age-old techniques and keeping the tradition of the exceptional know-how. Explore the expertly curated selection of Simonnot Godard accessories in our online store and extend the classic men´s style codes with Simonnot Godard pieces of remarkable quality.