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Sozzi Socks Italy

In 1912, two brothers decided to produce finest socks for men worldwide. It was the birth hour of Sozzi, the Italian luxury hosiery brand based in Milan. Today, the traditional company is still in family hand and is managed by Franco Sozzi, the son of one of the founders.

Sozzi Socks Milano Men italy

Aiming to satisfy the desires of refined men, the company is specialized in the production of high-quality socks. Sozzi´s vision is simple yet ambitious: the Italian hosiery label intends to transform a banal everyday accessory like sock into a declaration of style, with an authentic reflection of the men´s character who wear it.

Determined to retain and also improve the excellence that embodies the vision and identity of the brand, Sozzi still commits to the invaluable value of its centuries-old experience to create signature sock with a guarantee of quality.

Years after creating its first pair of socks, Sozzi reaches an extraordinary maturation that makes the company immediately recognizable and appreciated by demanding customers around the world. Handcrafted Sozzi socks are masterpieces appearing as an elegant detail for a refined man.

Designer socks for men by Sozzi

There are some things no man can have to many of and socks can definitely be numbered among them. Men´s socks are the simpliest way to add a stylish yet understated touch to any outfit. Sozzi brings century-long experience and creativity when it comes to men´s hosiery.

Mainly characterized by its undeniable quality, designer socks for men by Sozzi will revolutionize your thoughts about the simple accessory. Inherently committed to the search for finest yarns and innovative processes, Sozzi socks are only crafted from best natural materials on traditional circular knitting machines.

Fro the weaving of the fibers to the crafting of the socks – all the production processes are strictly made in Italy.

Get your own comfortable socks

A good pair of socks can get you in a better mood – made of only high-quality materials like soft cashmere, silk, pure wool, and authentic Irish linen, Sozzi socks hug the foot and provide great support, making you feel good at any situation.

From the classic designs, made of wool or Scotland yarns, to fashion ones, Sozzi socks come with a distinguish elastic double cover, hand-rimmed toe and reinforced heel. The excellent quality of used fabrics as well as experienced craftsmanship create unique design pieces without any transparencies.

The color palette is neutral, refined with embroideries and monograms made entirely by hand. Extremely comfortable socks from Sozzi convince with timeless quality and keen attention to contemporary style and are deeply oriented to satisfy the demanding customer.

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Sozzi socks will become a focal point of your look: go with a neutral colorway to compliment fine tailoring or choose a bright color for a statement styling. Explore the wide range of Sozzi socks, suitable to wear the entire year, in our online store!