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50 Years Maison Degand

Maison Degand celebrates its 50th anniversary !

In the year 2023, Maison Degand commemorates its 50th anniversary, symbolizing half a century of commitment to elegance and premium apparel. Presently, Pierre Degand addresses the formidable trials that the fashion sector encounters, upholding his unwavering belief, and appoints Fabrice Duchêne as his partner to safeguard the perpetuation and endurance of his visionary legacy.

50 years of elegance

When discussing the inception of his journey in the business, Pierre Degand holds a special appreciation for his mother's role: "My path began with her belief in me, enabling me to establish my inaugural boutique in Knokke five decades ago, when I was a mere 19 years old. The store was modest in size. I retailed jeans, floral-patterned shirts, and Shetland sweaters sourced from the streets of Paris. Back then, Zoute hadn't transformed into the upscale destination it is today; weekends in August and September saw a scattering of visitors. It resembled a small village, yet my early clientele comprised individuals of discerning taste, including select Antwerp diamond traders from notable Ghent and Courtrai families... It was these patrons who fueled the drive to define and refine my brand's identity. Through diligent effort, I was gradually drawn to embrace certain labels of quality. I don't refer to mere brands, but rather distinguished labels like Ballantyne sweaters, D'Avenza or Brioni suits: labors of love...

In 1983, nearly a decade later, Maison Degand found its place in Brussels at 415 Avenue Louise. "It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. I raised my hand to bid at a public auction, not fully aware of what I was acquiring, and then faced difficulties in securing a bank that would believe in my vision.

The building was a former mansion, erected in 1911. It had undergone transformations from a couture house to eventually serving as a repair workshop for the electronics brand Pioneer.

The interior had been compartmentalized into small offices, covered with linoleum flooring throughout, obscuring the expansive glass roof... I had to strip everything down, demolish and renovate to create the store. It was a whirlwind life: commuting daily between Zoute and Brussels... I began a step-by-step overhaul: starting with the ground floor, then the Grand Salon, and continuing until the final stages of renovation, which involved raising the roof to establish our sewing workshops up there...

In 1988, I took the step of closing my coastal boutique to focus solely on Brussels. A portion of my customer base came along, yet I also had to rebuild everything here from a business standpoint. Clients from Kruishoutem, Ghent, or Courtrai only venture to Brussels if they can't find certain offerings. Fortunately, that was the case. I believe it's due to my unwavering commitment to a unique perspective of luxury and sophistication, which isn't commonplace.

And this observation holds true: the establishment's growth continued unabated, gradually attracting an increasingly international and discerning clientele over the years. They remain devoted to Maison Degand because this type of establishment, crafted as Pierre Degand envisioned, has nearly vanished across Europe. In most major capitals, brand-oriented stores have now supplanted the elegant houses that once specialized in such distinctive luxury craftsmanship.

Eternal Principles

The foundation of a house of this magnitude rests upon unwavering values, which in turn ensure its longevity. Pierre Degand holds a strong belief in this: "Right from the start, I catered to an audience that places paramount importance on quality, placing it above brands. My approach runs counter to the prevailing trends of today: my clients sought foremost exceptional service, personalized advice, the finest materials, and the utmost craftsmanship... I have consistently upheld these values of excellence.

Fabrice Duchêne remarks, "It's actually a quite significant trend these days: there's a lot of talk about Quiet Luxury, which contrasts with the flashy extravagance of major luxury conglomerates that heavily emphasize a name or even just a logo, often fixated on celebrities endorsing their brands. Our focus is on a clientele that isn't drawn to this kind of luxury, instead seeking a different interpretation of excellence, one that revolves more around elegance and quality... We're witnessing a current shift away from overtly ostentatious fashion that dominates social media, and at Degand, we precisely embody this perspective on fashion and lifestyle."

Pierre Degand states, "Fundamentally, I'm not a mere salesperson; I provide advice! It's ingrained in my nature. Our approach is quite unconventional compared to the modern retail landscape. Other stores rely on salespeople who lack knowledge about their products or customers, which is distinct from our practice here. When I guide a customer, my focus extends beyond making a sale; I'm motivated by the concept of offering genuine service. When I sell a suit, I meticulously coordinate the entire outfit, right down to the socks. This is because I understand that often, when you put on a suit, you're faced with the dilemma of selecting the appropriate socks, and this seemingly minor detail can make a significant impact. This level of attentive care is our defining characteristic. Tailoring is an intricate art."

A Family Matter

Maison Degand is, first and foremost, a family business. Pierre Degand appreciates the idea of being supported on a daily basis by the two women in his life: his wife Michèle (known as Mimi to close friends) and his daughter Emily, as each has found their place within the organization.

Pierre Degand shares, "Mimi became actively involved in the boutique right after our wedding. Initially, I entrusted her with cufflinks, and her incredible client memory and evident charisma led to a remarkable surge in sales in that department," he explains with a smile. "Then, during the early 90s, when we introduced a 'sport' section at the back of the building, she took the reins and curated brands and pieces with impeccable taste...

As for Emily, my daughter, she assumed responsibility for all things related to image, communication, and marketing for the business. She possesses a highly creative nature and refined sensibilities... While she may be less commercially oriented than her parents, her sensitivity and attention to detail are priceless assets. She's also the driving force behind bringing her passion for gastronomy into the Degand journey and is deeply involved in the upcoming restaurant launch. This new culinary venture bears her name primarily because it was her impetus that motivated me to establish this restaurant."

With the addition of Fabrice Duchêne and his expertise in management and the business aspects of the industry, the entrepreneur now feels fully supported to move ahead and tackle new challenges.

Key figures

50 years

Pierre Degand has been devoted to elegance for 50 years, and the Brussels boutique has been welcoming customers for 40 years.

Pierre Degand elaborates, "In 1983, three splendid townhouses on Avenue Louise underwent renovations to become luxury establishments. Edouard Vermeulen, along with Maison Natan, and myself were among those involved in this endeavor."

90 %

The store achieves an impressive conversion rate of nearly 90% - a remarkable figure in the industry.

Fabrice Duchêne clarifies, "When a customer steps into our boutique, they seldom exit without making a purchase. This is one of our distinguishing features, likely attributed to Maison Degand being a multi-brand, multi-product establishment, but more importantly, it's driven by a clear vision, coherence, expert advice, and the commitment to delivering an extraordinary experience and exceptional service."

50 hours

This signifies the amount of labor hours essential for a tailor to create a custom-made suit, complete with pattern design and meticulous hand-sewn craftsmanship. Donning such a suit delivers an unparalleled experience of comfort; it encapsulates the very essence of the expertise that defines the essence of the house.

30 people

This represents the total number of individuals that make up the teams at Maison Degand. According to Fabrice Duchêne, "We have a dedicated group of over 30 passionate individuals here, including 10 skilled artisans who work within our workshops, as every aspect is meticulously crafted in-house."

2 hours avg. visit time

This is the length of time that certain customers spend in the boutique's lounges, necessitating thorough assistance and a well-orchestrated flow between the different areas: accessories, fragrances, and suits... Crafting a multi-sensory experience.


A grand establishment like this operates on a complex engine: organization, structure, funding... Recently, Pierre Degand has taken steps to streamline these elements, paving the way for a more tranquil view of the future and embracing a range of fresh challenges. For years, he single-handedly managed and supervised all aspects of his business.

Now, he has joined forces with Fabrice Duchêne, formerly the CEO of Mer du Nord, who brings substantial expertise in the fashion and retail realms. Together, they form a robust partnership focused on the road ahead.

Fabrice Duchêne explains, "Maison Degand bears a name, yet today it is primarily the founder's image that prevails. This is a positive aspect, as he embodies our values, but it could also evolve into a brand, a quality label of sorts. Beyond overseeing daily operations and organizational aspects, my role involves transforming this wealth of knowledge, this advisory DNA, into a systematic methodology that can be shared with the team. Mr. Degand's instinct for selecting the right product for the right person comes naturally to him, but it might not always be acquired the same way by the teams, despite their high competence and product knowledge. Together, we are dedicated to preserving the Degand touch, imparting it to the teams, and formalizing this unique experience and guidance associated with Mr. Degand. Over the next few months, my focus will be on identifying this mechanism and developing it into a methodology that can be shared and established over time."

Pierre Degand adds, "Maison Degand embodies excellence even in the tiniest details. My clients also seek us out for special gift-giving occasions. Providing a gift from here always entails a highly personalized touch, chosen meticulously based on the recipient's preferences and style. This is a department we're also looking to expand, as it contributes to what makes the Degand experience truly exceptional: seamlessly transitioning from suits to accessories, exploring fragrances, or selecting a beautiful book. This experience is undeniably the essence of our establishment. While the term 'Concept Store' doesn't fully encapsulate my approach, as I've always operated according to my own instincts, I will steadfastly uphold the three core principles that define my style: attentiveness, service, and follow-through."

Looking beyond the existing offerings, there's a strong emphasis on embracing new trends, emerging technologies, and the evolving landscape of fashion consumption in 2023. Fabrice Duchêne recognizes this evolution, stating,

"Throughout its history, Maison Degand has welcomed people seeking exceptional and unique moments. Whether it's a wedding, ceremony, gala, or even a somber occasion, these are meaningful events, and our role is to be there every step of the way. However, beyond these ceremonial moments, we also have a lot to offer in other aspects of modern life.

This is particularly important in a changing society, where traditional suits are gradually making way for different styles in our daily lives. Silhouettes have been transforming notably in recent years. We're committed to offering the best options for these more relaxed occasions, whether it's a suit or contemporary attire.

We're also dedicated to demonstrating that our expertise goes beyond crafting exceptional pieces; we're attuned to market dynamics.

The distinction between bespoke creations and more business-oriented offerings is evolving to provide customers with greater flexibility and clarity. Even though the pieces and silhouettes may differ, we're still able to capture the same sense of elegance and distinction that clients associate with us."

Turning to the specific plans for this extraordinary anniversary, it's worth noting that there are exciting developments in store, including a dedicated pop-up focusing on the art of footwear, along with future plans for a daytime dining space. Additionally, there's the exciting prospect of acquiring a property around the corner on Abbey Street, with the goal of launching "the finest Italian restaurant in the city" by September. All of these endeavors instill a strong sense of confidence in what lies ahead...

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Our three departments

Maison Degand's philosophy revolves around excellence in quality and service, a commitment to research and beauty, and a dedication to passion and uniqueness.
Presently, Maison Degand proudly presents three distinct spaces and curates a remarkable collection of the finest brands in the fashion industry.

Degand Tailleur

Degand Tailleur is the company's history. This is the space totally devoted to excellent tailor and handmade clothing with exclusive and unparalleled products.

Degand Business

Degand Business caters to the contemporary gentleman, providing a range of stylish and sophisticated sportswear brands.

Degand Shoes

Degand Shoes introduces a luxurious collection of footwear, encompassing timeless classics, casual styles, and sports shoes, each crafted with quality and style.