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For the first time in our history, we invite you to pre-order a truly unique model – Made by no other than Edward Green.

Inspired by Beau Brummell and created by Edward Green to celebrate the brand's 120th Anniversary, this shoe is reminiscent of the past.

A man recognized for his impeccable style of dress, his connections with the court, clubs and tailoring embodying the spirit of nearby St. James’ past and present, 
choosing his dress carefully and living by the credo ‘to be truly elegant, one should not be noticed’.


Behind the background of the unique relationship between La Maison Degand and Edward Green, we have decided to revisit this model.

Just like the Phoenix  symbolizes eternity, strength and renewal, this very special model is inspired by its character traits, bridging the gap between the present and the turmoil of the past year.

Its price is 1.395€ and it is available for ordering for a period of 3 months only!

 As a gift, each pre-order includes matching shoe-trees.