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Degand Shoes – Breaking News

Pierre Degand and his entire team are pleased to inform you that the shoe department will be moving to the grand house at 415 Avenue Louise. Starting in the fall of 2024, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a comprehensive shopping experience throughout the entire Maison Degand. Indeed, you will discover each floor, each room dedicated to products targeted to your needs and desires.

Pierre desired change, and above all, to give customers the opportunity to stay in the same building during their shopping experience. Most of our loyal customers have never had the chance to go upstairs and discover the different floors. By relocating the highly sought-after shoe department, it will bring traffic through the various floors and allow everyone to discover all the wonders of Maison Degand.

New project

What will become of Degand Shoes, the boutique located at 4 Rue Saint Georges?
Don't worry, Mr. Degand is always up for new challenges.
We are therefore proud to announce that a new project will take place very soon at this address, and you will be informed about it shortly.

Moving sale

Starting June 1, 2024, Degand Shoes invites you to take advantage of a clearance sale on all shoe brands: between 30% and 50% off depending on the brand.


If you have any questions or wish to contact the head of the shoe department, Mr. Christophe Sterpin, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

If you would like to make an appointment to service your pair(s) of shoes with care, please find the necessary information below.