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Have you tasted the Emily Restaurant ?


Under the gilded ceilings, the taste of Italy shines through. In the summer of 2014, Emily restaurant came to life. Originally known as Emily Ristorante, it flourished under the skilled hands of Mathieu Jacri for several years. Now, it returns to its Italian roots, dear to Emily Degand and her family. As you step inside, leaving the urban bustle behind, it's impossible not to be captivated by the grandeur of the decor: dark woods, marble bar, and a ceiling adorned with golden leaves—the magic of those early days remains intact.

On the ground floor, the kitchen stretches along, open to the bar, allowing guests to witness every move of the brigade. Tucked away in a corner, a table offers a more intimate setting. Upstairs, diners share the space, enjoying a secluded view of the majestic five-meter-high Venetian chandelier piercing through the mezzanine. In this boudoir evoking the sweetness of life, one can catch a glimpse of Chef Luca Gaviglio and his team at work, in a space measured more in inches than meters, where each movement resembles a meticulously orchestrated ballet.

Luca Gaviglio is no stranger to culinary excellence. Once the brilliant sous chef of a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in Brussels, he then beautifully crafted 'Altro Mondo' in Wavre before joining forces with Pierre Degand to lead the kitchen at Emily Restaurant. A master of taste, he offers a true culinary journey between his two countries, cultivating his own uniqueness and surprising diners with uncharted flavors. In a concise menu where you have the choice between different menus (4 or 5 courses), you can discover the menu on our website, which changes every month. At lunchtime, the chef offers you a lunch menu (3 courses) that changes every week, or you can opt for the 4 or 5 course menu. New for lunch, you have an "à la carte" menu, if you want to eat a dish directly, without going through a complete menu.

Here is one of the chef's signature dishes, caviar and lemon pate, which is absolutely worth trying!

Service in the dining room operates with meticulous precision, under the relaxed yet attentive guidance of Abdon Chobli, perfectly complementing Luca Gaviglio's vibrant and welcoming cuisine.

The team



The private lounge

Do you know that the restaurant Emily offers a private lounge for all your events?

It is located on the second floor of the restaurant.

For further information, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry via email at or give us a call. The lounge can accommodate between 2 and 12 people.

Emily's room, on Airbnb

The surprise on the third and final floor: Emily's room. You can now stay at Emily's. Indeed, there is a hotel room that has just been listed on the Airbnb platform. In the heart of the Belgian capital, there is a romantic guest room on the 3rd floor of the gourmet restaurant Emily. This accommodation consists of a beautiful living room, a marble bathroom with a sink, bathtub, and walk-in shower, a bedroom with a double bed, and a toilet. The added bonus of this room is the restaurant's dumbwaiter that goes directly to the room, perfect for room service. Unique in Brussels!


Link with Maison Degand

With Mister Pierre Degand, nothing is left to chance, and everything is interconnected. It was inconceivable that the Emily restaurant would not have a connection with Maison Degand. It's all about lifestyle. You can admire the gold leaf work on the ceilings of both establishments. The choice of high-quality materials is also evident in each of Pierre's projects. The Italian connotation of the restaurant's cuisine is, of course, linked to our main suppliers at the store.


For your information

For lunch, you can enjoy the three-course lunch menu or you can choose what you want to eat “à la carte”; and for the evening, you have the choice between a four or five course menu depending on your desires.

Open Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner, and Saturday evening. Closed Saturday lunchtime, Sunday and Monday.

We look forward to seeing you at Emily’s!

For any reservations, please go to our website or by telephone at 02/318.18.58.



Emily - Rue de l’Abbaye 4, 1000 Brussels