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Do you know shoes history ?

The history of the shoe goes back to long before our era... And since its appearance, it has always been a mean of displaying its social status.
It was during excavations in the Tianyuan cave near Beijing that scientists concluded that foot protectors were already made 40,000 years ago!

The first visual evidence of shoes was discovered on cave paintings. Dating from 13,000 to 15,000 years ago, scenes depict hunters wearing leather and fur boots.



From ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, each era brought its technical and aesthetic improvements, until the Industrial Revolution, when Mr. GODILLOT saved us.

Until then, shoes were made without any distinction, no left or right foot, just two shoes, and it was up to the feet to shape their hard leather shoes. Can you imagine how painful this process was?

Humanity will be grateful to him forever.

Since then they have evolved and improved over time with the invention of Blake stitching which is the prerogative of the Italians and Goodyear stitching, the preserve of the English.

Blake stitching is a unique process of joining the insole, outsole, and upper in a single seam. It is an ancient technique that gives the shoe seam a real finesse and great flexibility.

The Goodyear seam is double. It links the upper, the insole, and the welt. The second seam connects the outsole with the welt. It is located on the top of the shoe. The advantage of this choice lies in its waterproofness.

This type of stitching is also appreciated for its superior robustness and the possibility of resealing many times.