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Emily Restaurant Reopening

The Degand family, Mr Fabrice Duchêne, CEO, Mr Luca Gaviglio, Executive Chef and Dominique de Halleux, administrative manager are pleased to announce the reopening of the Emily restaurant on Thursday September 28, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.

Emily will only be open in the evenings of September 28-29 and 30, and from October 3, lunch and dinner hours will be available. 

On July 29, 2014, we opened Emily Ristorante, a restaurant-gem draped in marble and gold leaf, a restaurant tailor-made for Emily Degand. 

This house located at 4 rue de l'Abbaye, neighboring Maison Degand, was once a bakery. Pierre Degand completely transformed it.

In 2015, the restaurant was managed by the Litvine family under the name Villa Emily. Today, after 8 years, the Degand family has taken back management of the restaurant.

Indeed, Brussels' esteemed gastronomic establishment "Emily" is returning to the hands of Degand family. This change sets off a series of transformations, including the introduction of a new chef, a new team and a fresh name for the establishment, starting in fall 2023.
Luca Gaviglio, currently chef of his own restaurant "Un Altro Mondo" in Wavre, will be the new chef. Degand family praise Luca Gaviglio's exceptional talent in Italian cuisine, having worked at one of Brussels' best Italian restaurants, Da Mimmo. Pierre Degand believes that changing chefs is always a risk for a Michelin-starred establishment, but he is confident in Luca's abilities and believes he deserves recognition.

About the chef: Journey of a Son from Calabria and Sicily

Luca arrived in Belgium 27 years ago. He came here for a vacation and never returned to his native Piedmont. With a Calabrian father and a Sicilian mother, a taste for good cuisine was bound to accompany him on his journey to becoming a future chef in Belgium. He began his journey at Da Mimmo (Brussels), starting in the dishwashing department!
"After six months of washing dishes," he recalls, "I was judged curious, attentive, and willing enough to leave dishwashing behind and move into the kitchen. It was at Da Mimmo that I learned the trade. I stayed there for fifteen years, up until the Michelin star," he says with a smile!

"At that time, I wanted to explore other things," he continues. "This profession became my livelihood but also my true passion. I worked elsewhere after that, before wanting to open my own restaurant."
For your information
We look forward to seeing you at Emily’s! 

For any reservations, please go to our website 
or by telephone at 02/318.18.58.

Emily - Rue de l’Abbaye 4, 1000 Brussels