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Father's Day and tie, a winning combo

On the occasion of this particular celebration dedicated to our beloved dads, many of us rack our brains to find the perfect gift to show our affection. Besides the books, high-tech gadgets, gardening tools, and beer boxes, the choice is vast and often a headache. And among these choices, the tie.

Ahhh, the tie. It often gets bad press and has an image of a default gift. And yet ...

The tie remains a wise and timeless choice. A guaranteed surprise that will make all the difference!

Firstly, it is important to remember that the tie is an essential accessory for any self-respecting man. It is the final touch to any elegant outfit, allowing you to enhance the sobriety of a suit or refresh a slightly flat shirt. In addition, it can reflect the personality of the wearer, choosing an original style or pattern that matches his identity.

"La cravate, c’est l’homme ; c’est par elle que l’homme se révèle et se manifeste ... Pour connaître un homme, il suffit de jeter un coup d’oeil sur cette partie de lui-même qui unit la tête à la poitrine" (Balzac)

By giving him a tie, you are showing your dad that you know him like no other and that you are giving him something that looks like him. They also make him feel valuable and elegant while wearing them. As such, a tie is a meaningful gift as opposed to the cliché boring and mediocre gift.

In addition, it is crucial to note that the tie is a practical gift. Unlike most traditional presents, they can be used every day. Your dad can wear it at work, on outings, or for any occasion that requires a neat look. What's more, it's easy to care for and keeps for a long time. 

Finally, giving a tie-on Father's Day is an opportunity to renew your wardrobe without making any mistakes. Even if you don't know your dad's tastes, choose a quality, sober and elegant tie, or go to visit us, we will be able to guide you. And you'll be sure not to make a mistake and to please him.

If he's used to wearing dark clothes, you can choose colored or patterned ties. On the other hand, if he prefers a more classic look, then a plain sober tie would be perfect. It is also possible to choose a tie according to his morphology, opting for a thin tie for slimmer men or, on the contrary, a wider tie for heavier men. 

In conclusion, the tie is a gift that represents class and refinement, it is the must-have for any self-respecting man. It is the perfect choice for Father's Day if you want to show your affection while brightening up his outfits and his daily life, with your own personal touch that will never leave him. Varying styles, colors, and materials make his Father's Day even more special than usual. 

Find the right gift for you by browsing through our unique collection and selection for this special occasion. Or visit us in the shop to benefit from our expertise. 

If this gift idea does not suit you at all, we have plenty of other proposals such as a beautiful Assouline book, pocket square, t-shirt, perfume, shaving foam... We will welcome you at the store to help you in your search, or through our website.


The Maison Degand team sincerely wishes a happy day to all dads through the world.