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What if this time the groom's suit stole the show from the dress?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration where you want everything to be perfect. And for that, the right outfit is essential.

However, between style and codes to be respected, it is sometimes difficult to find one's way around and expert help can be very useful.

Mr. Degand has made celebration outfits one of his many specialties. Thanks to his great expertise in this field and his stock of goods containing exceptional pieces, he is sure to find what you need. From the 'classic' dinner jacket to the 'simple' jacket, from cufflinks to tails, the collection at the famous 415 Avenue Louise is much more extensive than you might think.



Beyond the sizes, the true bespoke that Maison Degand advocates are first and foremost tailored to the personality. Pierre Degand makes sure that the color, the material, and all the details of the suit are determined according to the personality of the wearer as well as the place and the type of ceremony. "Traditionally, for civil weddings, the groom wears a suit, in church, a morning coat is required”.



So here are 5 of the most basics facts to follow to avoid taste mistakes as much as possible:

1.    Adapt your outfit according to the "stages" of the ceremony: "Getting married in a morning coat at the commune is in bad taste. The same goes for the dinner jacket, which is only reserved for the evening”. Depending on how the evening progresses, the outfit should be adapted. Once the evening has arrived, the outfit can be allowed to become less formal to feel more at ease.

2.    Avoid rhyming with banality. Assume that everything is customizable. Whether it's the color, the material, the patterns, or the small details, everything can be adjusted to your personality. That is one of the key points when you call upon a House of expertise like Maison Degand. All these details will be chosen according to your morphology, skin tone, desires, and needs. The most important thing is to dare.



3.    Adapt the outfit to the place. As Mr. Degand says: "You don't get married in the same way in a castle in Walloon Brabant or by the sea in Italy". The outfit must be appropriate to the place and context of the ceremony. Attention to the materials and colors of the dress are among the essential points to watch out for.

4.    Be in harmony with the bride. "And it is precisely in the detail that everything is played out. For example, with an off-white waistcoat that recalls the color of the wedding dress.” The couple must be coherent, the wedding celebrates the union and must be felt.

5.    Dare to afford it. For this day more than any other, it is crucial to make the difference between dressing up and dressing down! A suit is a piece of clothing that has a style and therefore... a price. You can have a well-made suit for 1.500€ or a tailor-made suit made entirely by hand, in an exceptional fabric and therefore more towards a budget of 3.500€ or 5.000€.

6.    Ask for advice! As you can see, finding the ideal suit is much more laborious than you might think. Expertise cannot be invented, and in this case, it is essential. Maison Degand is an expert in this field and will be overjoyed to accompany you and guide you in making this day one of the most beautiful of your life.



You will have understood that finding the perfect suit for your wedding can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Maison Degand is here to help make your special day unforgettable. With their vast collection of exceptional pieces, expert guidance, and attention to detail, Pierre Degand will ensure that your outfit is made-to-measure on your personality, venue, and type of ceremony. Remembering to adapt your dress according to the stages of the ceremony, avoid banality, be in harmony with the bride, and most importantly, dare to afford it. Maison Degand is more than just a store; it's an experience. So don’t hesitate to come for their advice and let them help make your wedding day one of the most beautiful days of your life.